What to look for in the door lock?

You move into a new apartment and many questions arise. One of the questions should also be whether the door lock is really secure. There is no absolute security before every break-in, but - unless you are known for having art paintings or jewelry worth thousands or millions of euros lying around at home, a secure apartment door can help a lot. Why? Because a burglar will not choose the most tedious apartment to break into. Most of the break-ins, apart from really targeted break-ins in people who are believed to have a large fortune in the home, are just occasional break-ins. And here is a security lock, a second lock and a security bar quite well done to achieve the desired deterrent effect. Sure, if a burglar has any amount of time, he will ultimately get every door open. The safest door can somehow be broken through with a flex and drill.

Disclaimer: We are not a locksmith-service. We are an independent company and we offer you lists of locksmith-services in your area. As a matter of fact, we are not providing this service ourself.

Simply closing... is not enough!

The most important finding in advance: Anyone who does not lock a door, but simply closes it, has no chance of breaking in. In most cases, it doesn't even take more than 10 seconds to open a door. We have also presented on this page which methods are used as burglars in such a case. This is not intended to be a guide for burglars, but rather that you can open a door that has just closed, even without a locksmith. Therefore, when you leave the apartment or go to sleep, you should always lock the apartment without exception.

Simple but effective: If you try to get used to always lock your door with your keys, you will also train yourself to take the keys with you. This also protects you very often from needing a locksmith to reopen your home door, because you left the key inside.

But by simply locking your door, security is not done. There are many locksmith services and also general stores who can offer you advanced locks on one side and also additional security items for your door on the other side.

First of all: The Key must be secure!

Not every door lock is a secure door lock. The key has to have some security features. So modern keys are not only a piece of iron in a specific shape. They also have additional magnets on both sides of the key and the door lock only opens up, when the shape and the magnets are working properly together to unlock the lock. If your key only is a piece of iron with a specific shape, it is too easy to copy the key by simple mechanics. But if your keys have additional security features like some magnest with different strengths to unlock the door, it is much harder to copy the key for anybody else.

How a Keyhole works?

The most common keyholes are simply depending on the shape of the key. They should only be used inside the building, but not on the front-door of your home. So, these doors should only be between different rooms in your home, but not as a protection against other people coming inside your home. The key has a specific shape and if you put the key inside, there are some little pins inside the keyhole which are driven away in a specific distance. And then the pins get in line inside the keyhole and you can turn around the key to open your door. That's how most simple locks work.

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An important criterion for security against burglary is generally the nature of the door. We have compiled the criteria that apply here and how you can tell whether your own entrance door is well (sufficiently) protected against burglars on a separate page about door security against burglary. Just so much in advance: think of the so-called "social engineering" if you want to protect yourself from burglars. On the other hand, the best locksmith cannot help you. A good locksmith can install a good and stable lock, he can mount locking beams and take care of a secure door fitting and do a lot for you.

Even the best locksmith can not prevent you from publicly announcing on a social network that your lonely house in a forest and meadow area will now be empty for 2 weeks because you are just starting out in Karbik with the whole family and are sooo much upset looked forward to this vacation. The best locksmith cannot help you there.

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